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More then just Content Management

We like to help you getting started and get the most value out of DITA using DITAToo

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Structured Authoring for anyone

DITAToo can be easily integrated with FontoXML, the intuitive browser based editor

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The most Affordable CCMS for small or big teams

DITAToo list prices are very affordable. Request a quote to align your implementation needs

With DITAToo you get the most out of your content


Get the most out of your content!

The most intuitive and most affordable DITA CCMS

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Structured Authoring


Content Management

Translation Management

Content Automation

Easy Publishing

Word to DITA conversion

  • SMEs use the browser-based DITA editor FontoXML to contribute and review content.

    Writers can use the editor of their choice: FrameMaker, oXygen, XMetaL, even FontoXML or any other DITA authoring tool.

  • DITAToo connects to Miramo for publishing to PDF. With Miramo designer anyone can customise templates in a WYSIWYG editor!

    For HTML, Help or publishing to a delivery channel DITAToo connects to the Open Toolkit and any other publishing system, including Fluid Topics!

  • DITAToo comes with an automation platform and has examples of automated generation of maintenance tables, process flow charts or building a manual based on a BOM.

  • DITAToo supports the creation and maintenance of a customer support chatbot. Your customers will be able to have a live conversation with it!

Meet the Team

The International team

Alex Masycheff

Co-founder and CEO
The co-founder of DITAToo is a content management professional with over 20 years experience in creating solutions for writing, organising, structuring, publishing, automating and managing content.

Pavel Shulga

Co-founder and CTO
Co-founder of DITAToo and main developer (CTO) has over 20 years of experience with software development and technical writing.

Mikhail Ostrogorskij

Content automation
Our man in Russia and developer of the content automation platform CPM. Knows all about XSLT and is in charge of the development team in Moscow

Wim Hooghwinkel

Business Development
Call: +31 6 52036811
Consultant with over 25 years experience in the content world: from translation, design and DTP to structuring and automation. European partner for sales, implementation and product development.

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