DITAToo User Day wrap-up

Download the presentations here!

The DITAToo User Day last friday was a real succes. An engaging, international audience listened to Jan Benedictus about how FontoXML helpd authors working with structured content, followed by a use case by Tom Schatteman about DITAToo and FontoXML at the Leo Stevens company in Antwerp, Belgium.

How content creators benefit form structured content was shown by Alex Masycheff in demos about content automation: he generated a preventive maintenace table from separate topics, enriched with metadata by SME’s; he created a new document based on a  BOM (Bill Of Materials); and he generated a troubleshooting flow chart from troubleshooting topics.

How content consumers benefit from structured content was explained by Bruno Fraissinede from Fluid Topics. He showed some examples and talked about dynamic content delivery and analysis: it’s very important to know if your content is actually used!  In a remote session Pavel Shulga of Intuillion showed a chatbot and gave us some insights in how that works. Very cool to see how a document was imported into DITAToo, converted to topics and automatically tagged with metadata. Next, the chatbot could immediately find the information!

Finally we got the new DITAToo 2017R2 release with all new features, plus a preview of the 2018 version with a totally new and improved interface.

What’s new in DITAToo 2017R2:

  • Support for any DITA OT
  • Search for files by file name and search inside folders or projects
  • Fixing broken links semi-automatically
  • Merging a branch with the trunk
  • Drag-n-drop topics from Search Results pane to Project Builder
  • Restore/purge files from Trash Bin
  • Reset user password
  • Find files checked out by anyone
  • Automatic updates

Want to know more: call me at +31652036811, or mail to info@ditatoo.nl !