DITAToo User Day 2018

DITAToo User Day 2018
If you are working with structured content or are considering DITA, the DITAToo user day is definitely worth a visit.

DITAToo is the heart of your information ecosystem: from writing and managing content to automating publications and generating new content. DITAToo will integrate with taxonomy systems, with translation tools or browser-based editors.

DITAToo User Day 2018 is already over. If you want to get to know more about DITAToo: call me at +31652036811, or mail to info@ditatoo.nl.

Special guests of DITAToo User Day 2018 :

Let’s talk about Seamless localization of DITA content with Dominick Kelly of XTM.

Dominick is an experienced consultant with over 16 years in the translation and localisation industry, providing language solutions across a range of major industry sectors.

Learn how easy it is to create video from DITA topics direct from DITAToo, with Wouter Maagdenberg, Founder & CEO of TXTOmedia.

Wouter has been involved in both product management & business development of Enterprise Video Management and is now prototyping the automation of rich media creation, based on existing (text based) content.

Digital information can be personal, contextual and proactive according to Fabrice Lacroix of Fluid Topics.

Fabrice is founder and CEO at Antidot: Put enterprise content to work.

Showcase: using DITA content in Augmented Reality apps, generated direct from DITAToo, presented by Pepijn Mul and Wouter VanMulken of Amplexor.

Pepijn is an expert in technical writing, industrial design, executing, setting up and managing testing environments, ICT hardware and sales.
Wouter is a Software engineer with a minor in VR.

Client use case – From ad hoc publishing to DITAToo

Marianne Eijkenduijn & Ward Schmit of 10VDL explain what brought them to structured authoring and what structured authoring brought them, once implemented.

Marianne is managing the editorial production of ‘kennisbases’ (knowledge guides) and other information products for the Dutch University teacher training program. Her biggest challenge was to make the editorial workflow more efficient and less error-prone. They defined reuse as an important issue, but also wanted to replace the time and cost-intensive InDesign layout without compromising on quality for the printed output.

While Marianne and her team use FontoXML to edit and create the input Ward is doing the support behind the scenes and works with Marianne to build the outputs and maintain the DITA content on the XML level.


09:00 – 12:00 Workshops
Session 1 configure PDF output with Miramo visual designer – Wim Hooghwinkel
translation management best practices – Dominick Kelly
Session 2 extending DITAToo functionality – Alex Masycheff
creating video from DITA – Wouter Maagdenberg
Session 3 using taxonomy and metadata – Alex Masycheff, Fabrice Lacroix
Q&A with Pavel : ask questions and share feature requests.
12:00 Lunch
13:00 Start DITAToo User Daywelcome by Alex, Pavel and Wim
13:15 Client use case – From ad hoc publishing to DITAToo – Marianne Eijkenduijn & Ward Schmit
14:00 Break
14:30 Demo: create video from DITA sources – Wouter Maagdenberg
14:50 Demo: using DITA content in Augmented Reality apps –  Pepijn Mul en Wouter VanMulken 
15:10 Demo: seamless localization of DITA content – Dominick Kelly
15:30 Demo: make information personal, contextual and proactive –  Fabrice Lacroix
15:50 Break
16:30 DITAToo 2019 preview
17:00 Round Table, questions
17:30 Drinks and networking