Increase Findability of Product Documentation – for End-Users and Support Agents

Webinar – Wednesday March 25,  6:00 pm CET or after on demand.

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  • Lisa Pampuch, Senior Director of Content Development and Product Data Management, NETGREAR
  • James Bond, Senior Technical Writer, NETGREAR
  • Hannah Wiltbank, Group Manager, Knowledge Base, NETGREAR
  • Alex Masycheff, CEO, Intuillion

The webinar will be recorded and will be available on-demand to everyone who registered.

These days consumers don’t have patience to go through entire user manuals to find an answer.

When they have a specific question about your product, they google for a specific answer or contact your support center. If they google, will they find a link to the part of your product documentation that specifically addresses the question? If they contact your support center, will your support agents have an easy access to the up-to-date product information to quickly resolve users’ questions?

Join us at this free webinar to learn how NETGEAR, a leader in networking hardware for consumers, businesses, and service providers, integrated Salesforce into the content creation and delivery process. Tight integration with the NETGEAR’s component content management system allowed the documentation team to provide both end-users and support agents with smooth access to the up-to-date product content in a highly efficient manner.

You’ll learn:
  • How delivering product documentation via Salesforce increased findability of NETGEAR’s product documentation.
  • How content created by technical writers helps support agents provide a better customer experience.
  • How DITA makes the NETGEAR’s documentation team lean and efficient.
  • How content reuse led to a higher productivity of the technical publications team, reduced costs, and happy customers.
  • How metadata provided by technical writers using their DITA CCMS helps end-users browse through the knowledge base and get complete information.